About the restaurant

The restaurant was originally opened as Gaijin which was a very popular local establishment that offers Omakase dining and robata grill a la carte menu fares. In the summer of August 2018, the team of Gaijin decided to refine what they do best, a modern omakase establishment and undergone a full update along with a new brand, Koyo.

Koyo means "Autumnal Foliage" which refers to the changing of Japanese maple tree leaves which signals the change of a seasonal. Koyo has a strong focus on seasonality and uses ingredients at its peak during that season to create a Kaiseki inspired multi-sensory dining experience.

About the chef

Chef Darry found his start in a traditional sushi restaurant as a helper in 2002.   It was working the older Japanese chef’s where he learns the culture, the respect and the love for their art.  During that time, there were no social media, so the restaurant thrives with hard work and word of mouth. Darry was so eager to learn and dreamed of being an established sushi chef one day that he would take leftover sushi rice home every night after work just to practice his form and skill.   


In 2012 with 10 years had gone by, Darry got offered a job as an opening sushi chef at a hot and upscale sushi restaurant at the time called Neta.  It was at Neta where he met Chef Nick Kim (Masa Takayama's former apprentice) and took an apprenticeship under him.  After 2 years, his teacher Nick and Jimmy decided to pursue a new location to showcase their art at a new restaurant called Shuko and asked Darry to join them as an opening chef.   

While Shuko was being built, Darry saw an opportunity to work at one of the best restaurants in the world known as Eleven Madison Park by referral.  Working at Eleven Madison Park gave him a whole world of inspiration as to what fine dining could be and what it really takes to become an established chef.  After Shuko opened, Darry left Eleven Madison Park to join his teacher in his journey. 


A few years later and with his teacher's blessing, he left Shuko to pursue his own dream of helming his own sushi bar.  Darry joined 2 Michelin starred chef Ichimura in opening the restaurant Ichimura @ Uchu where he was able to refine his sushi skills even more and learned fish aging techniques.   

A year later by chance, Darry got offered a position as second on command in a popular omakase known as Gaijin. Through time and determination, Chef Darry eventually got promoted to the Executive position and now currently helms Koyo. 

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